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Lulu - Adopted!

Sex: F
Age: 5-6 years
Color: Buff
Spayed / Neutered: Y
House Trained: Y
Good w / Dogs: N
Good w / Cats: N
Good w / Kids: N

Hello, my name is Lulu, and I am a 5- or 6-year-old English Cocker Spaniel who is looking for my forever home. I am very affectionate and loveable, and some would call me loyal to a fault. I am extremely happy, and my owners always tell me that I look like I am going to Disneyland- whatever that means! Silly humans! I love a lot of attention and to be petted any time there is a free hand. I am often high-energy, so I will need someone who will be able to keep up with me and play with me. I love daily walks- the longer the better! Any other outdoor activities, such as Frisbee and ball-throwing, are also right up my alley. These are activities I must have daily, or else I tend to get bored and may find myself getting into things I am not supposed to be in. I also love stuffed animals and chew bones, so please make sure you have plenty of those in my new home, as I do occasionally find other things to chew on instead.

While I tend to be out and about in my home while my owners are here, I am crate trained for when my owners must go to work or do errands around town, so be sure to lock me up so that I am safe until you get home. I also prefer to sleep in my crate at night, though I do like to have my dog beds available to me in other rooms if I want to nap during the day. While I do go into my crate on my own in these instances, a small treat is welcome before each time. Lately, with these bad Texas thunderstorms, I can also be a tad skittish with loud booms, but as long as you pet me and make me feel safe, I will be brave.

I do know basic verbal and hand commands, such as sit, stay, off (if you do not want me to jump on you or get off furniture), down (for laying down), and crawl. Occasionally, if I am super excited, I need a little reminding. I am potty-trained, though if I am anxious or excited, or you bend over me, I may have an accident on the floor, but I am working on fixing this!

My current mom and dad have been working with me on some behavioral issues, and I am seeing a doctor for these behaviors, so I will need someone who will be patient and work with me to make sure I become the best dog possible. I do have some frustrations when I can not get to people or things I want, so I get super anxious when this occurs. I tend to guard my things as well, especially food. I have attacked other dogs a few times, so because of this and that I need a lot of attention, I would do best in a home where I am the only pet (no other dogs, cats, or other creatures). I do not remember my history with children, but I think it is best if I am in a home without children (or in homes where married human people do not plan on having kids). In my list I made about humans that would be good for me, either single humans or married humans are fine as long as you do not have any other pets or kids. I just want your love, and it can be hard for me to share.

I hope you liked reading about me. I know I have some things I need to work on to be the best Lulu possible, but I think if I am in the right home with someone who truly takes the time with me and can focus on loving me, then I can be the right dog for you. I am looking forward to meeting you!

If you would like to meet Lulu, please complete our adoption application and put her name at the top.

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