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Max - Adopted!

Sex: M
Age: 6 years
Color: Buff
Spayed / Neutered: Y
House Trained: Y
Good w / Dogs: Y
Good w / Cats: Unknown
Good w / Kids: Unknown

Max is a very special dog. He is pretty much perfect. We fell in love with him and wanted to keep him but due to some serious injuries I sustained in the fall, we think it is the most fair to him and our other dogs to allow someone else to adopt him. He is gorgeous, smart, house trained and sweet as pie. He loves to lounge with his person. He sleeps on our bed and sits with us on the furniture. He is super loving and adores my husband. He is kind of a guys guy dog. He likes to watch my husband work out back and he waits at the door for him to come in when he is working in the front.

He does LOVE outside. I do not think he ever got walked or went outside. When he is on a leash his nose is to the ground and he is so excited about everything. He is stout and can pull. We have had a dog trainer and walker working with him 3 days a week for about a month now.

Max was badly neglected but I do not believe he was abused. He tends to eat paper if he finds it, but not shred it. I try to keep it away from him. He appears to have had chronic ear infections and has some calcification. He has allergies and will chew his feet when they are really bad. I take him to the vet every 4 to 8 weeks for a Cytopoint shot for the allergies and to have his ears checked. The last check, the vet was very pleased and did not feel he needed to treat him.

It is important to me that whoever adopts him will be willing to keep an eye on his allergies and continue his shots. He is accustomed to a lot of action with our 4 other dogs and the 2 of us home a good bit and our parakeets.

He knows sit and shake and could probably learn anything else. The vet originally estimated his age at 7 but revised it to 6 after a lot of TLC.

Max will bless your life; there is no other way to say it.

If you would like to meet Max, please complete our adoption application and put his name at the top. under Adoptions, Adoption Information.

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