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Gracie 2

Sex: F
Age: 13 years
Color: Buff & White
Spayed / Neutered: Y
House Trained: Y
Good w / Dogs: Y
Good w / Cats: Unknown
Good w / Kids: Y
*Special Needs

A peek into Gracieís Diary:

Day 1: What the heck is going on?! I have been taken from the home I have known for 14 years! Two people, they call themselves Foster Mom and Dad, are keeping me. They have four young boy dogs who are rowdy and crazy! I, of course, have been nothing but a lady, and simply turn my back on them if they annoy me. I would never growl! The Foster Mom and Dad seem nice enough, but everything is so different and I am so scared!

Day 2: There was a thunderstorm while Foster Mom and Dad were away. They must not know I am scared of storms. I had an accident because I was scared, but they cleaned me up. Hoping for sunshine tomorrow.

Day 3: Foster Mom and Dad had been feeding me apart from the four rowdy boys, but Foster Mom tried feeding me in the same room with them. I think she was worried I may try to steal the othersí food, but it was they who tried to steal mine! I keep trying to show them that I am a lady- slow learners.

Day 4: I like Foster Mom and Dad pretty well but they do one thing that annoys me- they do not feed me! They give me dog food twice a day, but they will not give me any people food. My other owner gave me people food, but despite my begging Foster Mom and Dad do not seem to understand. Starting to question their intelligence.

Day 5: During the days I sleep on the floor quite a bit. At night, I have learned to use a ramp to climb into the big bed. I sleep very soundly, probably because I am deaf. That does not stop Foster Mom from talking to me a lot, but I cannot hear what she is saying. I understand some of her hand signals though. Unlike them, I am pretty smart.

Day 6: Training of Foster Mom and Dad continues- I have taught them that I can hold my pee all night, so they quit putting a diaper on me like the other owner used to. I have only had accidents when I am left alone. Still trying to tell them that although I do not like to cuddle, I do like to be near them. They seem to be trying to train me also, by forcing me to hang out with them in the scary backyard for like 5 minutes (about 4 minutes more than I want to). The more I am out there the less scary it is, so maybe we are all learning.

Day 7: Wishing I had a family of my own. I would love to have a family who was home most of the time. I want to be able to hang out near them all the time, just not on their lap. If they had dogs that would be OK (if I can tolerate four rowdy boys I can tolerate anything) but I would be OK as the only dog also. All I ask is that they are understanding of my deafness and accidents- I am 14 after all!

If you would like to meet Gracie, please complete our adoption application and put her name at the top. Http:// under Adoptions, Adoption Information.

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