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Sex: F
Age: 6 months
Color: Buff & White Parti
Spayed / Neutered: Y
House Trained: N
Good w / Dogs: Y
Good w / Cats: Unknown
Good w / Kids: Unknown
*Special Needs

Emmy is a lively 6 month old puppy. She runs, she plays, she cuddles, she kisses, and she is totally blind. I listed her as special needs due to the blindness, but she really is not a special needs dog. Emmy was born without a connection from her optic nerves to her brain. The first thing we did when we pulled her from the shelter was to take her to an eye specialist, but there is nothing that can be done for her to see. The good thing is that Emmy does not know what it is like to see as she has been blind since birth.

Emmy does not know that other dogs are not just as much in the dark as she is and she plays, plays, plays. She runs all over my house and back yard and people ask me all the time, are you sure she can not see?, because she very rarely bumps in to anything. She knows where to go when I am filling her food bowl and she knows where to go when I put her food bowl down to eat. She climbs stairs to get on the sofas and she climbs stairs to get into bed with me. She is very independent and will sometimes choose to sleep on the sofa instead of in bed, but she is always climbing all over my head in the morning to wake me up.

The one thing that Emmy has had to learn to avoid is the pool. I let her get in this summer to see what it was like and to make sure she could swim, but she has accidentally ended up in it a couple of times this fall and she followed the sound of my voice to swim out. Oh, do not get me wrong, I would have jumped in after her, but she did not need me to and she was very incensed when she got out that she was all wet. She has ended up in the pool when she was running and playing and not paying attention to her surroundings and she has been more cautious since then. The other day she jumped the brick wall from my patio to the yard and made a complete circuit around it, careful to avoid the pool, and back to the doggie door. Of course, I do not let her go out unsupervised due to the pool, but she loves to go through the dog door with the other dogs and run and play and is not very happy when it is time to go back inside until she feels that everyone is running past her back to the house and since she does not want to miss out on anything, she follows.

The ideal adopter for Emmy would be someone who works from home, who has at least one other dog for her to play with, and is willing to make a lifetime commitment to this little girl. She is an absolute doll with personality plus,. Only serious adopters need apply.

If you would like to meet Emmy, please complete our adoption application and put her name at the top. under Adoptions, Adoption Information.

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