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Sex: M
Age: 4 years
Color: White
Spayed / Neutered: Y
House Trained: Y
Good w / Dogs: Y
Good w / Cats: Unknown
Good w / Kids: Unknown

Hi, it is me, Fruco. I just wanted to let you know that after a couple of weeks of getting to know my foster family, I am doing well and I am so happy I am loved! I have had a busy two weeks. I had to learn about my new environment. It is SO MUCH BETTER to be in a home then be boarded at a vet clinic. I have so much room to stretch my legs and sleep on soft, comfortable dog beds.

I do not really jump on furniture. If the chair is low enough, I will jump on it, only if there is a cozy blanket calling my name. But most of the time, I like to lie around on the dog beds, and my foster home has one in almost every room! I like to hang out in my crate too. It has a big cushion in it. I call it my Fruco Cave. When I get really tired from playing all day, I put myself to sleep. I do not like it when the crate door is shut. It reminds me of being boarded, so I tend to whine and bark if the crate door is closed. But if you leave the door open, I love spending time in my Fruco Cave.

I love to play. I have a foster canine sibling and we play from the moment we get up in the morning until we crash at night. We take a few breaks for food and naps. We chase each other. We tussle with each other and we play with toys together. Most of the time we do not destroy the toys, but there are a few toys that the squeakers are BEGGING to come out and breathe, so I have to oblige. My foster canine sibling and I like to run around outside together and bark at the squirrels, birds, rabbits and the strangers we see. We play who can bark the loudest and who can bark the longest. I have won every time we played! I even got to play with a couple young bipeds, also known as kids, over the weekend. We played a game called Fetch. I do not know if you heard of it, but the biped would throw the toy and I will get it and bring it back. The bipeds giggle and I wag my tail. That is a FUN game.

I am what you would call house trained. I never heard those words before but from the tone of my foster momís voice, I think that is a good thing! She gets so excited each and every time I head outside to do my doggy business. She makes it easy for me because she had a door that is easy to go in and out of because it is at my level and I do not need thumbs to open anything. I think she calls it a doggy door.

There is something called basic commands. My foster mom is not sure that I know them yet. Sometimes I do them. Sometimes I just look at her like she is not speaking canine to me. She is still working with me on them. She says she does not know if I am just being stubborn or have never learned them. I am not going to let her know yet, because I like the time she spends with me.

I love, love, love to be petted. You could pet me on my back, or on my tummy or behind my ears. I would rather be petted then get a treat. Sometimes I am not ready for my foster mom to stop so I start waving my paws at her to continue and she does. I think it is easier for me to train her then it is her to train me!
I guess the most important thing I need to tell you is that it takes time for me to understand what is expected of me in a new environment. I have been told I am very smart. I catch on fast with the rules of the house and the routine. However, I need to observe what is going on and how I fit into the situation. If I am not sure of a person, I need time to build the trust. During the building trust time, if I get startled or scared, I may bark or growl. It is not because I want to hurt anyone. It is because I need time to understand and observe before I join into the activity. When I need my space, and I know when I do, I head to my Fruco Cave, my safe spot. When I first got to my foster home I spent a lot of time there. Now I hardly go there, but I know if I need to I can.

I hope someone who is reading this, needs a dog just like me, because I need a person just like you to love.

If you would like to meet Fruco, please complete our adoption application and put his name at the top. under Adoptions, Adoption Information.

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