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Sex: M
Age: 7 years

Kelso was a happy dog with a large personality. He was my buddy and a companion to my other dog, Domino. A rescue, Kelso came into my life as a 3 year old. His nickname was "Special K" and he had a strong joie de virve. He loved everyone and everything as a good Cocker does, and when he was especially happy he would run in circles and squeak... sometimes he would get so excited he'd run straight into a wall (it never phased him). His favorite activities were being petted and playing "Sock Ninja" -- sneaking socks from under my feet and taking them outside. Health problems took him over the rainbow bridge only four years later. The day he passed away was the same day DFW Cocker Rescue pulled my new adoptee, Ensign, from the pound. I'm glad I could give Ensign a new home, where I'm pretty sure Kelso's spirit hangs around to encourage Ensign to enjoy life!

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