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Sex: F
Age: 7 years

In Memory of Kia
May 2011
All of you have heard the remark, angels walk among us, mostly that refers to human beings, but there are angels in the animal kingdom too. You read about them all of the time, their heroic feats, unquestionable loyalty, obedience, everlasting love and devotion to others they befriend whether it is furred, feathered, scaled or skinned. They know no color or racial boundaries, they simply know they are your friend.

Kia padded softly into my life a few months ago and quietly, ever so quietly padded her way into my heart. She was a beautiful black and white dapple or merle cocker spaniel, perfect in every respect. She walked into my home and totally accepted our way of life, my insane working hours and the other rescue and much loved animals already abiding here. She seemed to know immediately she was the new girl on the block and quietly watched and waited until she was sure enough of her position here that she voiced her acceptance and assumed the role of protector and guardian of her new home and all who dwelled therein. She became my constant companion. She was attuned to my every movement. The minute I took my head set off and laid it down, she was alert, watchful, when my glasses came off she was on her feet and when I got up from my chair she padded silently, toenails making small clicking noises on the floor right behind me. She positioned herself appropriately so as to never interfere with my walk patterns, watching quietly as I went about my tasks. When she decided that it would be awhile before I returned to my desk, she would go quietly to her crate and have a snooze.

This beautiful lady had no bad habits. She was obedient, quiet, she had an excellent appetite, accepted anyone who came to visit greeting them all like her friend and she loved children. She did not know how to play but when I came back from wherever I had been she would meet me at the door with a toy in her mouth which she would run ahead of me with and when she reached a certain point she would stop, turn and wait patiently until I took the toy and threw it for her – she would then run and get it, the stump of a tail wagging furiously but she would never bring it back to me. She would eventually just drop it and go on to other things.

When I went out without her she would stand at the door and yodel until I came back in and another furious tail wagging and toy carrying would ensue. There were a million little things she did, on a daily basis, that were so disarming and delightful to watch, never anything but quiet and unobtrusive but executed so that you knew she was there. Her head on my knee watching me with those beautiful soulful bottomless wells of eyes, lying at my feet with her head on my shoe, lying in the doorway always in a position of watchfulness. She got along well with all of us, never exhibited aggressiveness or jealousy in any way, just a calm acceptance of life in this household and her place in it. The four of us (two doxies, Kia and myself) shared my double bed, each of us in our own place, and the occasional cat or two who came in to nap. No quarrels, no upsets, just blissful contentment and joyous sleep. She knew my mother was infirm and a lot of the time would just go over and lie at her feet, not moving, just quietly lying there as if to say you are my friend too. She did not beg at table but would quietly watch and if she was handed a tidbit she calmly took it and relished it but never asked for more.

Kia was the perfect companion and I had decided when I returned from my vacation I was going to ask about adopting her, but alas, this was not to be. For reasons no veterinary medicine can explain, Kia was invaded by a monster called auto-immune syndrome. I had had Kia groomed for her summer cut on Friday and how she loved the groomers. They loved her too and made much ado over her and she was always so happy to see them. The next day was a Meet & Greet and Kia went willingly along to the meeting. She was never happy at the M&G’s. We think the noise and the strange surroundings, people, animals, upset her for some reason. At the M&G it was noted that she was bleeding from her gums. She was taken immediately to the Emergency Vet Clinic and there it was determined what her problem was. Instructions and prescriptions were given and followed to the last letter. But back in my house the bleeding did not stop, only this time it was internal where it could not be seen until too late. At 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, Kia started hemorrhaging. I sat and held Kia and crooned and talked and rubbed and petted watching as my Kia slowly slipped away. Again we took Kia to the Emergency Vet and all was done that could be done.

On Monday, we took Kia to a specialty vet and everything that could be done there was done and his instructions followed to the last letter. Many people poured their whole being into Kia and worked so hard to save her, but in the end this vicious beast called auto-Immune disease stole our beautiful Kia and took her away from us.

Yes angels walk among us and they are not limited to humans, they are everywhere. I try and not be sad but I miss Kia more than a lot – however now she is free to run and play in the eternal meadows and sunshine where everything is just right and governed by a benevolent hand, where food is abundant and treats abound, no weight gain to worry about, no allergies, no auto-Immune disease and legions of friends and cuddles and pats on the head and rewards for being a “good dog”.

My heartfelt thanks to those who worked so hard to save her, who cared so much and who grieved with me, to the clinics and the staff and to the vets who gave their time and best efforts for a good outcome.

Blessings on all of you

June Ireland
Foster Mom of Kia

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